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Precision Coaching.

Taylor James Johnson founded Precision Coaching in 2019. His premium, online and evidence-based style of coaching allows clients to reach their physical and mental goals. Taylor’s coaching expertise is not only seen in impressive client transformations but also in his own physique – in which he competes in bodybuilding events.

They have been great! I honestly cannot recommend them enough for any of your marketing and social media needs. They have a varied skillset and encourage feedback so the work you ask for is totally suited to your needs.
Taylor James Johnson
Precision Coaching

Taylor was looking to showcase workouts to his audience/clients to give insight into how he trains. He also wanted to create some promotional content for his social channels - in the form of photos and graphics - to increase the number of clients on his training programme.


We filmed high-quality videos and took photographs of Taylor's workouts for his Instagram. We also created in-brand story templates that Taylor has been able to use to promote his coaching services. We have also designed a bespoke HTML email signature to add a professional touch to his emails.


Taylor has been able to use our content across his social media channels to engage his audience and increase his client conversion rate. Starting out with only a few clients, Precision Coaching now has over 30 clients on its training programme.

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