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ILC Therapeutics.

ILC Therapeutics™ Ltd (ILC) is pioneering a new class of interferon medicines called Hybrid Interferons. These take features of natural interferon subtypes and combine them into one new Hybrid Interferon molecule. These new molecules are designed to deliver enhanced efficacy and improved safety over a range of high-value therapeutic areas creating life-transforming outcomes for patients.


ILC Therapeutics initiated a pre-IPO funding round to advance its lead novel hybrid interferon drug candidate Alfacyte™. In order to raise this capital, they needed a high-quality pitch deck that would attract potential investors.


We worked with ILCT over several weeks to help design and create a variety of pitch decks that could be used to attract many types of investors.  They provided us with the content and we applied the design and style. Custom graphics, clean layouts, and a bespoke design were essential in ensuring this document would make their investor pack stand out.


ILCT has presented the pitch deck to a multitude of potential investors and has successfully completed the funding round, raising £3.5 million.

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