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Daily Curling Puzzle.

A real-life curling situation, where the user takes on the role of the skip and makes the call. Founded by Doug Wilson in 2020, The Daily Curling Puzzle has quickly found its niche in the form of curling puzzles/scenarios. Doug posts new curling scenarios for his community to solve and the next day he will post the solution, giving everyone a chance to discuss their thoughts by commenting and voting. It has become increasingly popular, amassing 11,000 users in less than a year.

Buzzmoka were a pleasure to work with during the development of our website. They listened to our unique needs and developed a good looking, functional site that exceeded our expectations. We were especially impressed with their responsiveness and desire to get things right. Highly recommended.
Doug Wilson
Daily Curling Puzzle

The Daily Curling Puzzle amassed 11,000 curling fanatics on their Facebook page in a very short period of time. They felt it was time to create their own platform to share curling puzzles and allow their community to flourish. The goal was to create a platform that had the social media aspects of Facebook (messaging, profiles, a news feed, comments, etc.), as well as having bespoke curling puzzle pages and solutions that could allow users to comment and vote their answers and ideas. An advanced past puzzle search page was crucial, as well as a donation system to allow users to support the site. Secure and scalable hosting was also a vital requirement.


Most importantly (as the site has lots of user profiles and dynamic data), we provided one of our ultra-secure and highly scalable hosting options. We also built a social media platform that Mark Zuckerberg would be jealous of! With messaging, newsfeeds, profiles, and the option to add groups, forums, and more, the site would be able to replicate the social aspects that Facebook brought to the Daily Curling Puzzle community. We also set up a donation system, so users could set up recurring payments to support the site.


The site has just launched and there has already been a huge migration of users from the Facebook group to the site. With the new donation platform set up, the Daily Curling Puzzle is now generating capital. The plan is also to set up ads on the site to allow sponsors to promote their services/products (for a fee).

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